Temporary Conditions

It’s been three days now in this hole.  Biggel, Trak, and Gilbrin are all that remain with me…  We lost Kergo in the first wave that hit us.  Bloody chuffin’ grobs!  For the most part we ain’t hurt too bad; a few scrapes and bruisin’, but we’re alive.  We have enough food to last us a fortnight.  Grabbing whatever supplies we could as we ran worked out for the best.

I think I may have dropped Cornelius at some point during the struggle.  I snuck back to the train car yesterday, but found nothin’.  The others want to try and make it back to the depot… I can’t leave Cornelius behind.  Even if he is just a book.  I’m certain now that the grobs swiped him along with everything else they looted.  I’m not going to force these guys to come with me, but I sure could use their help if I plan on getting Cornelius back…

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

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