4+5 = Pumpkin

Harvestmath is here!  I have been having a blast with all the great trick or treat riddles, exploring the depths of the haunted burrow (which I’m still recording footage for the Halloween trailer xP), and gallivanting from Men to Elves to Shire-folk in my desperate attempt at claiming all the prizes.  I should probably pace myself, there’s still many more days left for the seasonal event.

I think Turbine is doing things right by the players with their F2P switch.  They could have easily left the game untouched and charged people for consumables and quest content without anybody really thinking twice about it.  Thankfully, Turbine doesn’t function like that.  They have decided to invest their increased earnings right back into the game, thus giving it right back to the players, to maximize the possible avenues of entertainment.  It encourages me to play more and perhaps elicit others to try out the game (if they have yet to do so).

Side mention, I picked up Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 yesterday and have been jutsu’ing ninja booty in my free time.  It’s faster paced then the first one, which makes for fun to watch fights.  I haven’t had a chance to try the Online play, I’m hoping there won’t be lag problems. :)

– B

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