Great “little” Updates – LOTRO F2P

My brother and I are pushing strong into the Barrow-downs, we should be moving onto the next zone very soon.  I grabbed Lone-lands and Evendim from that great sale last week, so I’m not so worried about how many turbine points I need to collect.  If Turbine keeps providing various, and entertaining, ways to acquire the points then I don’t see any challenge in getting the content I want without having to pay for it.

I would like to mention the certain state of the current community, now that LOTRO is F2P.  As of right now all channels except my regional chat are turned off and I can’t wait to get out of Bree-land.  It’s nothing like the infamous “Barren’s Chat” or other places of that level, but it can get pretty mundane and produce conversations that excite the other carrions to feed.  However, most players are quick to help new players and guide them to the answer of their question.  This is still a nice thing to see.

Ok, so here’s that “little” update I was pretty happy about.  I’m not sure when they updated the map, sometime before F2P is my initial assumption, but the new Barrow-downs map is awesome! Actually, I’m happy there’s a map for the place at all.  It was really hard sometimes to navigate through the, quite spacious, barrows using only the Bree-land map.  I am excited to see if there are any other great “little” updates to find in the game. :D

Finally, I’m looking forward to giving The Haunted Burrow a good run through.  I want to make a Halloween style video of it for the 31st.  I hope I can finish it in time.  That would be interesting to see right? :P

[update]: So, looks like the Haunted Burrow isn’t out yet. I know, major sad face.  There is some beta coverage for it over at A Casual Stroll To Mordor.  Looks great, I can’t wait to give myself a Hobbit-style haunting. x]

– B

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