Simple Goals – Vindictus OB

Seeing all the goodies I was rewarded with and maintained after Vindictus transitioned from closed beta to open beta has lead me to pursuing more of the available “goody” avenues.  First thing on my list, getting one of those nifty Gnoll Chieftain Hood.  It’s actually the same hood Casey Schreiner gave away on the MMO Report, only in game.  The other aspect of the game I’m going to give a good look at is the fishing system.  I’m curious to see whether or not Nexon is going to put their action-packed style into one of the games more “relaxing” options.


Final note before I head off to work, I am still playing LotRO F2P and digging my super mine in Minecraft.  So, expect some updates on those in the next few days. :)


– B

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