75% Off – Quest Packs!

Turbine is having a crazy store sale tomorrow (see below).  Personally, I was just planning on using the monthly sub to finish off the middle tier zones until I make it to the already owned content of Eregion/Moria and Mirkwood, where I would close my sub and enjoy free high level content.

The Lone-lands looks to be the cheapest of the three and I predict many of the newer players will be heading there, but be wary.  Originally, the Lone-lands was used just to pump up your level enough to take the rest of the content in North Downs (where most players leveled).  I have personally experienced why they call it the Lone-lands.  However, the new player base may create an alternate scenario for these older set-backs.

  • The sale lasts for 24 hours (Wednesday, October 13th 12:00am EDT – 11:59pm EDT)

– B

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  1. ZOMG!

    I missed this amazing deal! I will cross my fingers waiting for another amazing deal (and subscribe to your website).

    Good luck!


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