GW2 – Transmutation Stones

No price has been provided for anything as of yet, but here is one of the available items you can choose to spend your money on.

Transmutation Stones allow you to customize your appearance.

It functions by allowing you to choose two pieces of similar gear that you will “transmute” together, i.e., a rooster crown with +100 to every stat and an rugged leather hood and mask you found under a rock outside of Divinity’s Reach.  While the rooster crown may appeal to some others would prefer the rugged leather look.  By transmuting the two you get the looks of the rugged leather with the stats of the rooster crown.

I’m not sure if it works in reverse, allowing a piece of low level gear the look of a higher level gear.  Nor am I certain about how many stones you will need to do a full set of gear.  It might be one stone per piece of gear or one stone for your whole outfit.

As for my thoughts on store items, I have never actually paid money for in-game items.  However, I don’t personally see any problem with it as long as it’s reasonably priced.  My cosmetic appearance doesn’t take that high of a priority to me until I’m nearing the latter end of content.  Who is to say that most of the gear GW2 has isn’t going to look awesome anyway?  I doubt they’ll use these transmutation stones as an excuse to put into horrible looking armour! >.>

– B

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  1. heh; if it works in reverse, you’ll see my guy in the oldest gear possible when maxed out ;)
    i hope the price is reasonable; arenanet seems to be a fair company from what i’ve read and watched

    • I think the biggest negativity has been coming from players who are “newer” to the F2P model and are expecting everything to come served to them when they buy the game. xP

  2. the Real question is do the 2 actually become one.. or does the one just gain the look of the other


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