Grob Raid

Thrangis: Did you hear that?

Cornelius: I heard something.  I believe it came from the other end of our camp.

Thrangis: I’ll go see what’s goin’ on.

Thrangis: Kergo, did you hear tha-

Kergo: Shh Thrangis, we got company in the treeline.  Gilbrin thinks it might be some greenies.

Gilbrin: Aye, I kno’ what I was seein’.  Just grab yer axes and be on yer guard.  I’m a goin’ to rouse Biggel and Trak.

Kergo: Right.  I’ll go grab Habdirg.  Thrangis, start building some sort of fortification around the middle car.  Use the supplies and whatever else.  We’ll be there shortly to help you finish up.

Thrangis: Och, right right.  When I left Habdirg he was asleep.

Kergo: Ok, let’s be quick.

Cornelius: Put some of those crates on the other side.

Thrangis: Don’t be tellin’ me how to build a wall.  It’s insultin’ to my whole Klan.  Can’t you just be my eyes or somethin’?  You know, keep look out for anythin’.

Cornelius: Actually, it seems that Gilbrin is already here with the other two dwarves.

Gilbrin: Praise Valaya, you’ve got a good start.  You might want to put some crates on that other side.

Thrangis: … Yeah, I was planning on doing that.

Trak: Where’s Kergo?

Thrangis: He went to get Habdirg.

Biggel: Well we ain’t got no time to be wastin’ standin’ ’round here havin’ a smoke and sippin’ on ale like a bunch o’ manlings.  Let’s get a move on!  My beard is growin’ white with frustration.  Bloody chuffin’ grobs!  I wish they’d just hit us already!!

Gilbrin: Let’s hurry!

Cornelius: Thrangis, Kergo is coming.

Thrangis: Why are you whisperin’?

Cornelius: Kergo is alone.

Kergo: Raise your axes dwarves!

Thrangis: Where’s Habdirg?

Kergo: The grob bastards already put a spear in him!

Grob Brute: WAAAGHHH!

Thrangis: By Grungni!  Kergo get down!

Kergo: Hgahh!

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

[continued next week]

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