Open Beta – October 13th

For all of you who are interested, Vindictus is moving into Open Beta in two weeks time.  I’ve been having a blast smashing walls, pillars, gnoll faces, and anything else that breaks with whatever I can lift.

Right now, the game is rather limited on what is available in terms of character customization and class selection.  However, they’re throwing in some more of those options in Open and I’ll be sure to fiddle with that.  I’m hoping they introduce Evie, as she’s the only caster class of the 5 classes.  Being able to lift everything around you with gravity powers is going to be fun. :D

[side comment]: since I was on the topic of “betas” I wanted to say that I heard a little rumor saying that Arenanet was not going to have a beta period for Guild Wars 2.  Reasons behind this rumor were because of a certain Anet developer supposedly saying that he felt beta tests presented a free to play version of an incomplete and buggy game which can give a sour first impression of the game to the public.  Or something to that affect. A confirmation on this would be great if there is one.  If not, it’s a topic maker somewhere!  Enjoy~

– B

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