Game Intensive Week

I’ve been trying to juggle more than my normal dose of gaming this week.  With LotRO now F2P and Vindictus still holding great levels of entertainment, that usually takes up a good portion of my gaming schedule.  However, I still get pulled back into my construct in Minecraft and that usually captivates me for more hours than I am prepared for.  My brother has been challenging me to Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, in preparation for Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.  I’m still waiting for The Lost Tower DVD to hit Japan so I can see it (naruto fanboy-ism complete).  Finally, I’m also playing Mass Effect for the first time (pc).  I was intrigued after playing through Dragon Age: Origins, for the fourth time, to try their other popular title.  I’ve played most of Bioware’s games and enjoyed them, but I don’t own an 360 so I never got a chance to play Mass Effect when it came out.  I recently read that Mass Effect 2 is coming to PS3, thus my sudden desire to want to play the first one!

So many games to enjoy, not enough of me to play them.  Regular Grudgery of Thrangis coming tomorrow!

– B

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