Real Video Footage!

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this… recording… thing.  Though, that fatty black border is not what I had hoped for.  Perhaps better luck next time! D:

I got the full length of one of the first “major” boss fights in Vindictus.  I pug’d it with a group of relatively close level Fiona‘s, a Fiona is the name of their “tank” class btw. x]

I want to point out that I’m still trying to remember that F1-F4 are not the hotkeys for my in combat potions, as you will see by my “nice” and “thank you” emote-phrase mid fight.  There is a good clip of my gloves being broken, followed up later by my shield being smashed.  You will notice that some of my ally’s who were sporting a breastplate and helmet at one point are later left with a tattered white ruffled pirate shirt and nothing but the hair on their heads to protect them.

Overall I really enjoyed the fight, it was my first time firing one of those cool chain shots.  It took me a moment to figure out how to recall my hook.  It wasn’t a “long” fight as far as MMO’s go, but it was fully engaging and heroically reminiscent of a good console action/adventure boss battle.

– B

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