Early Mine(s of Moria)craft Development

My early stages of the East Entrance into my own personal Moria.  Getting the face right purely out of blocks is tricky.  I’m not quite sure I’m happy with it, but I’m not finding it too difficult to adjust the features.  Yes, it is back lit, because I think it’s cooler that way.  I tore down a bit of the wall to get a better picture.  That wall is my defense for night time construction!

[update]: The ancestors have hastened my progress.  It would seem that as I expanded my tunnel deeper, towards the location of my “Bridge of Khazad-dum”, the area opened up into a cavern rich with flowing lava.  This is awesome!  Now I won’t have to bucket all of that lava from somewhere else! :D

– B

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  1. Only today I found out that you can actually smelt cobblestone into real stone (which looks cooler). So now I’ll have to redo everything I’ve been building. ><


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