First Night On The Rails

Thrangis:  It’s a good thing we’re finally gettin’ a break.  I didn’t think we’d be on the rails for so long.

Cornelius: It makes the most sense to halt when there is no light.  With as many greenskin attacks as have been mentioned, who knows what could be on the tracks.

Thrangis: Aye, I reckon that makes sense.  I didn’t expect the one I’d be partnered with was that blabberscythe from earlier.

Cornelius: Yes… what was his name again?

Thrangis: Had… Hab… Hadbir… Habdirg?

Habdirg: Oi!  What ya’ be needin’ beardlin’?

Thrangis: Oh, uh.  Nothing Habdirg.  I was just mutterin’ to myself.

Habdirg: O’ really now?  You losin’ yer wits?  Lil’ too much o’ the ale?

Thrangis: I haven’t had a bloody drop of ale!  You’ve already asked me eight bloody times on the way here if I had tried any of the ales that were at the depot!

Habdirg:  There’s no need to get so heated friend.  I’m sure you can get some ale from one o’ the others.  All that blood runnin’ to yer head can lead to poppin’ a vessel, or so I heard.  I met this fella’ who was goin’ on and on about how one o’ his friends got so mad he jus’ dropped over dead.  He was gettin’ into a festerin’ rage over why dwarven black powder was superior to manling powder.  You see, they was havin’ a chat with one of those myrmidons from the Empire.  They got a talkin’ about the manling cannons and ‘ow they kept needin’ heavy repairs.  This dwarf that dropped over dead was tryin’ to explain to him how their powder wasn’t burnin’ properly because of some sort o’ imbalance with the mix-

Thrangis: Habdirg! Please!  Where can I find some ale.

Habdirg: Oh, jus’ go ask Kergo for a pint.

Thrangis: Who’s Kergo?

Habdirg: He was operatin’ the front cart with Grelsid.  Grelsid won’t have any ale on him, so don’t go a botherin’ him for nothin’.  He’s a cold one to strangers he is.  He once hit a dwarf in the face for askin’ him where-

Thrangis: Ughhh! Where is Kergo?!

Habdirg: He’s the rosy cheeked fella’.  The one wit’ the keg.

Thrangis:  Thank you!

Thrangis: I don’t know why he didn’t chuffin’ say anything about this earlier!

Cornelius: He seems very simple minded.  Perhaps you should just let it rest and enjoy your drink.

Thrangis: I sure won’t have him spoilin’ it now that I got it!  Blabberin’ fool…

Cornelius: Be sure to get some rest.

Thrangis: Och.  I’ll be needin’ it to survive the endless ranting of Habdirg.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

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