Ok, I know that the Journal of Grudgery wasn’t updated on Tuesday like I’d hoped.  I promise to have one for Friday.  It’s this ridiculous game.  I just can’t stop playing it.  I started with a simple cave/mine in the mountain.  That mine demanded to be made into the image of the First Hall of Moria, complete with stone trees and its very own Bridge of Khazad-dûm.  I’m a one man dwarf army of miners.  I’ll have to make a short video tour once I’m done, but before that I need to make some iron buckets to transport molten lava into various nooks and crannies.  @_@

– B “The Red Miner”

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  1. I know exactly what you mean. I ran into this problem of getting lost underground, so I started digging up, then emptied the ocean on my face. Minecraft is amazing. =)

  2. Getting an ocean is your face is still better than getting molten lava poured in your mouth cause you dug in the wrong spot!

    Also, damn those Creepers, exploding and sending me flying into lava >.>


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