What I should have done earlier…

Paid some respect towards some of those great bloggers on my blogroll.  I know that I’m on theirs and I’m grateful for it!  Us bloggers like to stick together in some sense comradery.  So, below you’ll find an assortment of some of my favorite blogs, why I like them, and why you will to!  Enjoy! :O

[side note: If they don’t have a banner.  I’m a gonna give ’em one.  I’m lookin’ at you WASD! ;x]

don't hate me! D:


I frequently stop by to read up on his next gaming thought.  He’s been sufferin’ from GRS as of late (send him your well wishes).  Thankfully he is partially pre-occupied with League of Legends (LoL to some).  If you enjoy reading/writing/using twitter, he’s got one of those too.

You should stop by every now and again to see what he has to say about whatever game he may be perusing.  Perhaps it’s a game you’re familiar with, perhaps not!

Bio Break

First of all, pyschonauts banner… bring ourselves back to calm.  Ok.  Syp is like, your inner geek in flesh manifest (and proud of it!).  He’s one of the columnists at massively.com and has a great deal of experience with the early MMO generation and their favorite MMO’s.

If you’re an older gamer, especially if it pertains to MMO’s, this is a great place to see how those older games are holding up!

Don’t Mention ze WAR!

Staying as true as he can to WAR (something I failed to do D:), zeWAR (as I shall refer to him) remains afloat upon the skuttled ship that is Warhammer Online.  He updates regularly and keeps on track with whatever Mythic feels is worthy to be released to the community.

If you’re still playing WAR and haven’t heard about zeWAR, get a move on!  You’re lagging behind you lout!

Grimnir’s Grudge

This was actually the first WAR blog I started reading and was the reason for me wanting to make my own blog.  Thanks for the inspiration Grim!  Anywhosie, another great WAR blog and dedicated WAR fan.  If you think WAR is dumb… well… you’re dumb!  He also has a twitter, so bug him there too.

You should go there!  Like right now!  It’s full of dwarven rage. D:<

– B

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  1. Thanks for the shoutout. I’m not really into lore and fluff as much, but I’m really trying to get myself into it. And there’s nothing better for getting into a dwarf mood than reading your blog.

    Cheers! :)


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