I’ve been hearing more and more about Minecraft (site is down atm) recently.  I’ve been playing the free alpha version while it’s available (which isn’t going to be for very long).  It has very addicting qualities and you should give it a try.  Maybe you’ll buy it when it’s re-available for purchase (I know I might).  I’m in a youtube posting mood as of… right now!  It’s fading fast though.  I think I’ll be ok.

p.s. – This game satisfies my inner dwarf.

– B

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  1. I have started playing Minecraft a few weeks back after the coverage Rock Paper Shotgun did. It’s awesome and I managed to get a few friends infected.

    It really is a dwarfy game. :)

    • I delved too deep and too greedily on my first go… I fell into a sea of lava. It’s a great sandbox game. ;)

    • Few of the things that make it the sandboxiest game around that I’ve seen mentioned are:

      – You build everything with your hands. And I mean everything. Have you seen the combination locks they do with redstone torches and ore? You’d need to be a friggin engineer to understand that
      – You can genueinly get lost. Last night I ended up looking for my house, after dying to a nazi-hating zombie (I was trying to put up a svastika in front of my house, in the middle of the night), for an hour. I had to stop playing before I could find it.
      – The stories the game produces are just insane. I can talk to people about what I’ve done in the game for hours on end. It’s like a story-making factory.

      I really should do a review one of these days. :D

      • I decided to make a cabin on top of this awesome cliff. When I thought it was safe, since the sun was almost fully up, I decided to go out my front door and kill a cow for some leather. There was one of those exploding… phallic… things. It was waiting right next to my door all night. As soon as I stepped out I exploded and died. When I ran back up to see the damage done, I only had half a cabin left and I couldn’t even get to it because the cliff was now a floating chunk of land with no way to reach it (and I couldn’t get to my tool!).

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