Getting My Beta On

I haven’t really looked into many beta tests in my online gaming.  I’d prefer to play a completed title as to one in the process.  However, seeing as the current market is in somewhat of  a lull, I’ve given in to trying my hand at it.  The game I’m currently tackling is Vindictus.  Other than various articles at Massively, I haven’t really looked into the game too much.  I now know that the company that owns MapleStory is running the show.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…  I’m pretty much on the same terms of acknowledgment with MapleStory as I am with Vindictus.

However, I would like to say that Vindictus is pretty fun.  If anyone has played SoulMaster, it’s somewhat set up like that minus the RTS-ness.  Dungeon/mission based PVE with fast paced action-style gameplay.  The interesting thing, is they have the game hot wired for quick capturing video and screenshots, as well as game controller easy setup (XBox 360 and other PC gamepads).  I’m assuming they’re trying to go for an “E-Sport” feel to it with massive competitiveness. It’s still in closed beta at the moment, so we’re only limited to two classes: Lann and Fiona.  I’m not yet sure why they’ve chosen to name their classes after a would be person.  My speculation is there might be some human/deity/demi-god thing that each class is in honor off… or something.  ‘Tis all for now.

– B

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