Reacquainting To The Craft

I had forgotten how involved the crafting is in LotRO.  I decided to make myself some upgraded crafting tools for my warden, along with some weapons and gear for myself and my brother’s guardian.  Oh boy.  Excluding the fact that the inventory and vault of my two main characters are so full of stuff that I get flustered just looking at it, I had to switch characters and run back and forth between vault and auction house to verify that I had all the required materials to craft the items I wanted.

The easiest gear to make was for the guardian, it maybe took 15 minutes (luckily my metalworker had most of the mats on him for what I was trying to do).  The aggravating part was trying to make a spear and javelin for my warden.  I hopped onto my woodworker and tried to re-familiarize myself with the process.  I caught gathering the wood that I had none of, only to find that I needed metal from my metalworker, to find I didn’t have any of the +12.5% crit lore from my brother’s scholar (which he didn’t have mats for anyway).  So, I didn’t crit on my weapon, but I did on my javelin (lucky me!).  Anyway, this whole process took me about an hour and a half… just for woodworking.  >.>

I’m excited to get to Bree-land, but almost dreading the number of deeds matched to the size of the zone.  I don’t want to miss any Turbine Points if I can help it.  But I’m sure I won’t get them all.  I can’t wait to tackle the Great Barrows with the new slew of players the game has attracted.  I wouldn’t mind a bit less “WoW does x and y better than z”  comments though…

– B

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