Finishing Up The Shire

I’m almost done with my deeds in the shire.  There is a healthy desire from all to do their deeds now that there are turbine points as extra incentive (though the traits alone were a great incentive).  Honestly, I have never fully explored The Shire.  I have no reason as to why, I just came there for the specific traits I needed and departed.  This time I’m trying to gather all the points I can and now I finally get to see areas I have yet to gaze upon.  It’s rather a calming place, The Shire.

There’s been a growing interest in the discussion of Turbine’s decision to include permanent increases to base stats (in intervals of 10).  It’s a mix of worry and disapproval.  Players don’t like the fact that those who decide to spend most of their points on stat increases will be more powerful.  My only thought is that the game is completely playable without any base stat increases.

Anyway, here’s a parting screenshot of The Shire.  Looks rather welcoming.  I mean, if you exclude that bear over there.  I have the settings turned to Ultra High.  Perhaps when I get a DX11 video card I’ll be able to see what the difference is.  :)

– B

[update]: added some more screenshots!

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