The Supply Line

Thrangis: I can’t believe they locked it up so tight!  They’ve probably got stores of Bugman’s in there!

Cornelius: Did you not say earlier that the brewmaster Bugman was off trying to reclaim his stolen merchandise?

Thrangis: Aye, but to close down his mighty tavern?  Even I did not expect that… an’ here I was hopin’ to enjoy a pint…

Cornelius: Well it appears you won’t be able to enjoy that luxury just yet.  Shall we now proceed to the train depot?  Seeing as our caravan escort is now quite far from our location.

Thrangis: I guess that would be the next step in my plan.  I’m hopin’ that hand cart I was set upon is actually there.

Cornelius: Yes, I would hate for this folly of a detour to be a complete waste.

Thrangis: Well, no time to be worryin’ about our mistakes.  Let’s keep movin’.

Cornelius: Wait just a minute!  “Our” mistake?

Thrangis: Well at least the train depot is still here.

Cornelius: I like how you don’t mention the fact that it was surrounded by orcs and goblins.

Thrangis: They weren’t worth mentionin’, but it looks like you went ahead an’ added ’em in anyway.  At least the rails are still controlled by the dwarves.  Let’s see if we can get a cart.

Depot-Dwarf: ‘Old it right there sonny, where do you think yer off to?  Oh, by me ancestors!  I thought you was one of the younger beardlings ‘upposed to be stationed at the rail house.  You was the one out there makin’ a mess o’ those grobs and the like.  We were takin’ bets on whether or not you was goin’ to make it ‘ere… looks like I’m out a pint.

Thrangis: You have Bugman’s?

Depot-Dwarf: Bugman’s?  Hahahah!  Yer a funny beardlin’.  There ‘aven’t been any Bugman’s in these parts for too long.  Used to be all I would drink.  I’m thinkin’ one o’ me cousins is hordin’ a stockpile somewheres but I can’t be certain.  Maybe I should go ask him one o’ these days.  That’s if I ever get out of this chuffin’ depot.  Been here for so long, haven’t seen wife nor child in over a year.  I wonder what their up to, hopefully they’re gettin’ along alright without me.  Well… maybe not too ok, it’s not a good thing when someones loved ones get along splendidly when their hubby ain’t hope.  It gives a bad impression to the –

Cornelius: He certainly had a lot to talk about.  I’m glad you walked off when you did, I was almost at the end of the page.

Thrangis: Aye, I need to find someone who can give me a cart.  Let’s go to the platform.

Platform Manager: Careful with those beams, we need to make sure they are prepared for departure whenever we get the go ahead from central.

Thrangis: So the trains are runnin’ again?!

Platform Manager: No the trains ain’t chuffin’ running!  I ain’t going to be made a fool when the time comes for shipments to come out though.  They left me in charge of this platform and I aim to maintain a level of efficiency, even without the trains.  The name’s Halbrin, of the Goldfist Klan.  Now, who are you and by Grungni’s chuffin’ boots, what do you need?!

Thrangis: I’m Thrangis, of the Hammersmith Klan.  I was hopin’ to find a hand cart so I can get to Kadrin Valley.

Halbrin: You offerin’ to pump the hand cart?  Praise Valaya!  We were needin’ an extra hand.  I had this wild idea to try and send a shipment deeper into the mountains by hand cart.  We were just short of a few dwarves to man the whole operation.  But, since you’re offering to move this process right along, I’ll allow you to aid this endeavor.

Thrangis: Huh?  I’m to work a shipment inland?  How many are comin’ with me?

Halbrin: Oh, no more than five extra.  Two on the front cart, two on the back, and two ridin’ the shipment.  They’re to make sure nothing gets on or off until you reach Kadrin.

Thrangis: You have a wealth of dwarven strength here, why not send them?

Halbrin: Are you mad?  I’d leave my platform grossly understaffed!  We’d lose it to the grobs within a fort night.  I can’t let that happen.  I have a spotless record, I don’t aim to mess it up now.

Thrangis: Well, I really need to get there so… aye, sign me up.

Halbring: Wonderful!  I’ll get these slackers to prepare the cart right away.  Hey!  I said to set those beams down carefully!  Lift ’em back up and do it right!

Cornelius: Well this seems to be working out, though not precisely to your plan.

Thrangis: Och, I wonder how much we’re going to ‘ave to bring with us.  I hope it’s not too heavy.

Cornelius: Just be happy we’ll be on our way to Kadrin Valley.  Now we won’t have to travel the roads alone.

Thrangis: Aye, I guess I should be happy to not be wanderin’ around out there with all these grobs lurkin’ about.  I could really use a pint right about now…

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Those beams are a complete mess

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