Turbine Store – D:<

I figured a small face would explain most of my frustration.  Maybe bit of detail to accompany it won’t hurt.  I was glancing through the turbine store, seeing what shiny knick knacks they might be hiding in there.  I came across a Lorien Warden’s Robe.  Now the fact that I’m an elf, from Lorien, who happens to be a warden instantly sold this item to me.  The small, rather obscure, icon that depicted this “Detailed and beautiful robe crafted by the elves of Lorien” was quite appealing.

Well I continued with the process of retrieving these robes from the turbine store, happily waiting through their store’s AOL reminiscent internet speed, to find them in my bag!  Oh, but when I decided to put them on…


These so called “Lorien Robes” looked awfully familiar to a none Lorien robe (short fancy robe) and nothing at all like the wonderful icon that led me to purchase it.

The only reason this doesn’t seriously bother me is the fact that I had purchased these robes with points given to me upon re-entering the game.  Which I would have spent on making a warden in the first place had I not already had it available to me.  So, if you are playing LotRO F2P, use the internet to try to find an image of whatever you are thinking of purchasing before hand.  This might happen to you and you might have spent your hard earned cash on it!

I feel much better now ~

– B

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