Day 3 – LotRO F2P

I need to think up a heading for these updates.  I was hoping for something a bit more creative, but this is what I’m stuck with.  Woe is me.

My warden is level 11 now, making my way to Gondamon and beyond.  Here’s a screeny of the port of Kheledul on the River Lune.  I’ll be heading down there later to make bloody work of those nasty Dourhand dwarves.  It’s not a very lush area that I’m standing on,  I know.  I’ll have to find one of me doing more elf-like stuff later on to show off some grass and other plants.  You know, frolicking through a field of flowers or something.  All lush like.

I happened across some interesting freebies they’re giving out to the new players.  Helpful little packages, one red and one blue. The blue one scales for certain level intervals and provides several helpful items like healing potions, food, buffs, and a swift travel token.  The red package includes a handy low level steed to ride around on, nice for getting to and fro in the starting areas.

Several of the players have been complaining about lag in regional chat.  I’m not too sure what is happening on their end, but I haven’t experienced any lag in the slightest.  I’m thinking it might be something graphical for them.  /shrug

– B

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