Day 2 – LotRO F2P

Ok, I’m not too sure how I managed it, but I was able to make a warden without spending a single turbine point.  Also, I used this newly created warden to scout out the elf/dwarf introduction area.  It’s pretty bustlin’ (compared to what I have experienced in the past).  I’d say at least 30 new players in just that area, so I can assume something around that size for the human and hobbit areas.

I’m logging out in Celondim for the time being.  I picked up my crafting profession (armsman: weapon crafting, smelting, woodworking) and I am preparing to venture out into the wilderness of Ered Luin for the first time in a long while.  I’ll be attempting to keep track of which quests are still available and which ones are “extra”.

I have noticed they’ve cut my bag slots down from five to three.  I don’t mind it so much, since I have four other characters with all their bags, but for those brand new players this seems pretty limiting.  Especially if you take into consideration how much of your random loot is actually used/needed in crafting.  Also, gone are the days of swift travel at a whim from the horse paths.  You will need to use 20-30 turbine points (from what I have seen so far) to use the swift travel, on top of the silver requirement.  This is measly, considering the fact you can gain points so easily from deeds and quests.  Just be sure to think before you travel, you might find yourself 20 points short of that extra bag slot and have to grind for it.

Until next time~

– B

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