Day 1 – LotRO F2P

I have to say, even with the fact that there’s a queue to get in, I am not seeing very many “new” players.  I took my guardian, Elwethir, on a little trip through Bree and the Old Forest.  I’m hoping to finish up some of the lower, and much faster, deeds in order to acquire more turbine points.  I was really hoping to play a warden through this time, so I want to get those points! (but pay for them? are you serious?) The main reason I decided to head into the bree-lands was to access a bit of the new player population.  So far, I’ve seen maybe 12 new players (those lower than level 10) running around Archet and other beginning human zones.  I haven’t had a chance to check Ered Luin or Hobbiton for the remaining Dwarf/Elf/Hobbit new player population, so I plan on doing that a bit later.

I will point out that the end-game and 40’s+ bracket of players is booming.  I think there’s a lot of old players (like myself) who are returning because of the tumultuous news that they can now play for free.  This is a benefit for a lot of older players who either ran out of things to do (like myself) or felt some tasks were too daunting to attempt, so inevitably quit.  The game now entering the F2P model gives these players a much more casual approach, I for one am very pleased with the new business model.  I still want my warden though…

I’m keeping an eye out for any shocking developments that may have changed with the turbine store.  So far, the only one that really comes to mind is the fact that many of the outlying zones, at least the ones surrounding Bree-land, have most of their quests only accessible through the Turbine Store purchase.  The point requirements for these quest packs is pretty reasonable, you would most likely be able to achieve it through completing deeds and others various tasks that provide them in-game before reaching that zone.


p.s. – Don’t buy anything from the Turbine Store at the moment.  There’s apparently some issues going on with player spending points and not getting what they paid for.  Those players haven’t gotten a refund on their points yet.  So, a warning! :)

– B

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