A Quick Stop

Thrangis: We’re already in Black Fire Pass?  I wasn’t expectin’ the caravan to be movin’ this fast.

Cornelius: The deep mountain holds must be in great need of supply.

Thrangis: Aye, with the bloody rails down they’re probably almost out.  Chuffin’ Grobs.  Actually, we’re rather close to a point o’ interest.

Cornelius: You are thinking of taking a detour?  Now?

Thrangis: Ah, we should be fine.  The brewery of our finest brewmaster happens to be in these parts.  Every good dwarf knows he’s out an’ about tryin’ to reclaim his stolen shipments of XXXXXX from bandits, trolls, and greenies.  So, I was just wonderin’ if the place might ‘ave any ale on tap!

Cornelius: We are going out of our way for a drink?

Thrangis: This ain’t just a drink friend!  It’s a Bugman’s pint!  Show a bit o’ reverence!

Cornelius: Well, I can honestly say I have never tasted this brew, nor would I.  However, even with my disregard for the imbibing of spirits we do have more pressing matters to attend to.  Do we not?

Thrangis: Ahh, quit’ your complainin’.  There’s a train depot, not but a skip an’ a hop from the brewery.  You know it’s a regular destination for some folk.

Cornelius: I thought the trains were down…

Thrangis: Och… We ain’t going to take a train!  I was plannin’ on borrowin’ one o’ their hand carts.  They were plannin’ on expanding the rails in this area, so I’m sure they have a few.

Cornelius: So we are going to trek away from our caravan, into the mountainside, to acquire some brew that may or may not be there.  Afterward, we shall cross back over where we came from to a train depot in order to use a hand cart that may or may not be there.  Instead of continuing our course with the caravan that is moving quite quickly, as you mentioned, to our destination?

Thrangis: The logic of a dwarf sometimes surpasses that of every other race.  I’m startin’ to see that now.  This is a pint of Bugman’s we’re talkin’ about here!

Cornelius: Oh boy…  I wish I was able to rightfully read the stars on this matter.  That, however, would take more time than this little trip.  Let us be off then, if you must.

Thrangis: To the pub!

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Just a slight detour

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