Heading to PAX? GW2 TCG Event!

TGC Event

Keep an eye out for the GW2 PAX trading card game event!  If you like trading card games (I personally haven’t become particularly engaged in any… short of collecting pokemon cards through my elementary years), be sure to come Guild Wars prepared to make the most of this event.  Things you’ll need:

  • Participate in ArenaNet events
  • Answer trivia questions
  • Play the demo!
  • Wear a GW2 headband

Each event will earn you 2 exclusive PAX trading cards!  Use them later alongside other players in a massive dynamic event… event.  I’ve said event many times I know. >.>

Anyway!  There are 25 cards in all, five cards from five sets.  Each set is based on a race in Tyria.  Collect a complete set (five cards from one race) and get a stamp on the wrist.  Oh, and a raffle ticket!  This raffle ticket I spoke of could win you amazing nVidia/Razer prizes galore.

The Letterboxing Event

If trading cards aren’t your thing, there will be a live puzzle solving/treasure hunt going on using John Corpening’s custom made stamps!

Rules of engagement:

  • Talk to John Corpening first! (I’m going to assume he’ll be giving the first clue)
  • Use the clues to find hidden objects throughout PAX
  • When you find an object, stamp your own notebook with John’s stamp (found at the object you located)
  • Don’t forget to stamp the logbook next to the object you found with your own custom stamp! (bring your own or they give you one, I’m not sure)
  • Use the clue at the object to find the next one
  • Find all the objects!
  • Prizes Galore

This one sounds really fun to me and I hope others find it entertaining.  Enjoy PAX!

– B

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