The Port of Barak Varr

Thrangis: I hadn’t thought it would take this long to get ‘ere.  I am grateful to have finally arrived!

Cornelius: I as well.  I think the salt air was starting to damage my pages.

Thrangis: Ochahaha!  Might get all crinkled and finally show yer age huh?  Wouldn’t want that would we!  Valaya forbid! Hahaha!

Cornelius: I see you are quite pleased with your comment.  Let me remind you that we have pressing matters to attend to.  You still have the issue of getting to Kadrin Valley.

Thrangis: No worries!  Now that we’re in the land o’ my kin we can just take the next train.  I’ll just ask someone when that next train is departin’.

Oath-sworn Guard: Grungni’s blessin’ beardlin’!  ‘Ow might I be o’ service to ya this morn’?

Thrangis: I need to know when the next train leaves for Kadrin Valley.

Oath-sworn Guard: Cuttin’ right to tha chase I see! ‘Fraid I can’t ‘elp ya ther’ beardlin’.  We ain’t ‘ad a train come through Barak Varr in some time.  ‘Aven’t got any reports on tha matter eitha’.

Thrangis: No trains?  Why do you suppose that is?

Oath-sworn Guard: Ancestor’s ‘elp ya.  I just said there ain’t been no reports!

Thrangis: Well what do you think is the reason?!

Oath-sworn Guard: I reckon it ‘as somethin’ ta do wit’ tha increased Grob activity in the areas around tha tracks.  They ain’t smart enough ta figure what the train is for, so I figure someone or somethin’ be pullin’ the strings behind all this.

Cornelius: Grob?

Oath-sworn Guard: By me ancestors!  Yer book be talkin’ young one!

Thrangis: Aye, he get’s that reaction sometimes.  No worries, he’s uh… part of a delivery I’m makin’ to Kadrin Valley.

Oath-sworn Guard: Well as I was sayin’, there ain’t no trains fer the time bein’.  So I suggest you try grabbin’ a ride on a caravan.  That’s what we are resortin’ to in order to continue shippin’ supplies inland.

Thrangis: Ancestor’s bless you.  I’ll be off now.

Oath-sworn Guard: Grungni watch over you beardlin’!

Cornelius: What is a Grob?

Thrangis: Couldn’t you save that question for later?  Most dwarves don’t take a likin’ to magic, be it in item form or something else entirely.  Och, just be careful when you decide to speak up ok?

Cornelius: Forgive me Thrangis.

Thrangis: Don’t worry too much about it…  A Grob is what we call the greenskins, ’cause of their grob-like color.

Cornelius: I see.  I have read very few books about the dwarven language, so some words elude me.  Thank you for the explanation.

Thrangis:  Don’t mention it.  Now, let’s go find a caravan and get our chuffin’ arses on the road!

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Blessed Grungni! It's good to see so many beards!

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