Cornelius Tells All – pt. 2

Thrangis: Och… how long have I been out?

Cornelius:  Our little encounters these past few days have taken their toll.  I think one of the deckhands was kicking you earlier.  I heard some rather unsightly commentary about your snoring.

Thrangis: Ah stuff ’em all.  They don’ know what we been through.  You were goin’ to continue your tale I hope?  I feel a great deal better after that rest, though I’m hungrier than a whole division of front line dwarves!

Cornelius: Feel free to partake of something to eat while I continue.

Thrangis: Thank ye’ kindly!

Cornelius: Right.  Well, as I was saying, I had mingled in with a caravan of settlers heading to Norsca.

Thrangis: Settlers to Norsca?  Didn’t they know that the maraudin’ hordes of Chaos were at the shore?

Cornelius: This all happened before any of that.  Norsca was an early settlement and a great deal safer than some of the roads that led there.  Which has a role to play in my predicament, however let me return to my course.  The caravan was coming to the main gate of Altdorf  where I was stricken by a company of witch hunters.  They were holding up sketches resembling myself to those that walked by.  Any passerby that held even the slightest similarity to my visage would be bound and shuffled into a nearby wagon.  It was in this moment that I recalled a transference hex that came up in my studies. The distance between the witch hunters and I quickly narrowed, so I swiftly executed the spell and bound my essence within a book in one of the caravan wagons.  The product of this was beyond my scope of understanding at the time.  I had awareness not unlike the feeling on peering out of your own eyes, but in a spherical way.  I was able to look in every direction, yet somehow perceive and understand it.  I felt sick, yet the bodily pangs that should familiarly follow were absent.  I came to notice my corpse lying prostrate on the ground and others coming to investigate the matter.  The witch hunters rushed over and scooped up my remains and hauled them off with the other suspects.

Thrangis: That was a mighty handy spell.  Who came up with something of that notion?

Cornelius: Well the document in which this spell was written wasn’t entirely… legal.  It was the grimoire of a zealot practicing the heretical workings of Tzeentch.

Thrangis: So you really were a heretic then. Hahah.  Well shave my beard, here I thought it was just superstition in all o’ their heads.

Cornelius: It was all for the furthering of my research.  I was alone in my endeavors and had to scour all possible avenues in order to ascertain the answers to my questions.

Thrangis: Well this opens up many doors for later questioning, but now I’m curious.  How did you end up in Talabecland instead o’ Norsca?

Cornelius: Well, since I obviously made it out of Altdorf in my new form, the caravan I was stuck with now had to make their way through Talabecland.  During this time there were rarely raids that came through that area.  It was unfortunate I didn’t focus some of my celestial gazing upon more current events. Though, in the state I found myself there was nothing much I could do to warn them.  They were killed and robbed by bandits who opposed the rule of the Empire.  I was carried off with the caravan’s goods to a storehouse, where I sat for several years.

Thrangis: I didn’t find you in any storehouse though, I found you up in a tower.

Cornelius: Yes I know, I am getting to that.  After many years, the influence of chaos began to the squeeze through the mountains of High Pass.  Through whatever transpired outside, I came into the possession of some Northmen.  I am not one to say what they would do with a book, but they ended up taking me into that tower and suddenly I came to a realization.  I was right where I was meant to be.  Much of what I had read in the stars made no sense for the time I was in.  Things came up that I had no information on.

Thrangis: What things?

Cornelius: Well, you for example.  You were described in the heavens during my time as a wizard.  Yet, I found no record of you in any dwarven or human writings.  It was because you did not exist yet.  When I became lost to the span of time I understood what had to happen.  I left myself available to the fate in which I and my order tried to understand.  This was by all of my knowledge how I came into your possession.

Thrangis: Well that was a great tale to accompany my meal!  I need to stretch my legs, been sleepin’ in this cubbyhole gave me a darned nasty kink.

Cornelius: Didn’t you have questions about why I was reading the writings of a heretic?

Thrangis: Aye, I did.  But now I don’t.  At least not right this chuffin’ second.  Maybe later.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

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