Guild Wars 2 – The Necromancer

Do you like casting spells, but is the low survivability a turn off?  Say hello to the Necromancer.  Apparently “one of the most durable professions in Guild Wars 2”, I’m assuming they sacrifice greater damage for this beyond the grave resilience.

The Necromancer has all of the typical dark, unholy, sickly abilities to throw into your menacing repertoire of ghastly spells.  Including the ability to summon long dead and rotting minions.  The best part, if you ever feel the need you can just make them explode at your leisure.  There is of course a benefit to this, depending on which abomination you have drudged up from the beyond.

Weapon diversity is interesting on this one.  You will obviously have the basic caster affiliated armaments such as staves, scepters, and other off-handed magical knick-knacks.  What I found interesting was the ability to dual wield daggers or an axe-dagger combo.  I would gather that this ties in directly to the unique power source of the Necromancer, their Life Force.  You build up Life Force by killing enemies, the closer to your enemy the more life force you build.  The end result is the ability to active the Necromancer’s Death Shroud, which allows the built up Life Force to be used as a secondary health bar.  So, the more Life Force you build up the more health you have.  You can enter this mode at any time, but it is also activated automatically upon death.  So, if you have a vast supply of Life Force upon death, you will have a very hearty downed state.
That’s all I have to say about the Necro’s for now.  They look interesting enough, but definitely not my cup o’ tea.

– B

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