Cornelius Tells All – pt. 1

Cornelius: I am beyond relieved to finally be departing Altdorf.  Where are we going again?

Thrangis: To Barak Varr!  Can’t you, you know, read yourself or somethin’?  I’m sure I said somethin’ about where I was going earlier, let me ‘ave a look see.

Cornelius: Don’t dwarf-handle me!

Thrangis: Ahh quit your sassin’.  I’m just goin’ to take a quick look.

Cornelius: I better not have any bent pages after this.

Thrangis: You must ‘ave been a right prissy somebody back when you were… somebody.  Speakin’ of, what were you before you decided upon bein’ a book?

Cornelius: This wasn’t technically a decision, more of a final resort in a moment most dire.  I don’t see, however, the benefit of this knowledge on your part.

Thrangis: Hungry curiosity.  Also, I might decide to flip through your pages while I’m helpin’ myself to a handsome amount of ale on our voyage.  All that sloshin’ about… I might spill, I might!

Cornelius: Barbaric.  Very well, I shall attempt to placate your hunger.  Previous to my current predicament I was in high standing amongst the Celestial College of Altdorf.

Thrangis: You were an Astromancer?  Able to predict the future and wield the fates of man?

Cornelius: Yes, though you give us far too much ability.  We are able to read the stars and translate their meanings into warnings and omens, but effectively influencing the fates of men required a bit more… deceit.  Some of my order allowed their personal interests to twist the translations into more favorable meanings.  They extorted nobles and merchants, kings and priests. Many men hearkened to the advice of the Celestial Order and lost much.  The stars began to tell me of a time when a great doubt in the power of Azyr would blanket the lands.  This would lead to an outright ignorance of greater dangers and warnings that would befall man.  None would hear the cries of the Celestial Order in that hour.  This would carry on until a catastrophic event engulfed everything.

Thrangis: By my ancestors…  What did you do?  Why did no one else see this in the stars?

Cornelius: Most didn’t see the need to read the stars any longer.  Why waste their time?  They only needed to play the role of a soothsayer instead of heeding the voice of the Azyr.  I was unsure of what to do with this information.  Normally we transcribe our readings into the astrolabe for further study, but I felt I needed to take this matter into my own hands.  I no longer trusted the resonance of fate in the hands of those charlatans.  I threw myself into isolation to research, spiriting myself into the viewing domes only when no one else was there.  My dissolution from the rest of the order became more noticeable with time.  I soon had the disapproving eye of my peers.  Rumors spread of my practicing of chaotic magics and studying of heretical texts.  All lies and slander!  Perhaps someone discovered the basis of my research or noticed the warnings in the stars.  It didn’t matter though, I was soon to learn I was going to be taken by the Witch Hunters.  No longer were the image and status I once held associated with me.  I was a suspected heretic and practitioner of chaos.

Thrangis: Did they catch ya?

Cornelius: Most assuredly they did not!  I refused to let the warnings I had seen go unprepared for.  I would not allow myself to be silenced for whatever absurdity they held.  Perhaps they did interpret the stars correctly and feared the repercussions of their malign upon the people.  Overlooking their reasons for having me accused, immediate departure was necessary.  I took to the streets with what little notes I deemed necessary and hid amongst a caravan reading for departure to Norsca.

Thrangis: …

Cornelius: Thrangis?

Thrangis: … hmmmmm… I’m… still listn’n…

Cornelius: I’ll tell you more later on.  We still have plenty of ocean to cross.

– A very cozy Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith –

Next stop Barak Varr!

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