The Future of Thrangis The Red

Currently I have deactivated my Warhammer account, my plan is to re-activate it at a later date (possibly).  To be frank, I don’t see a future, currently, for me playing WAR.  The game is taking some rather rocky paths in its attempted improvements and I find myself enjoying endgame less and less.  I have thought about this for about a month now and I am going to stick to my decision.  I took enough screenshots for a few more Journal of Grudgery entries, up to the end of Thrangis’ time in Altdorf.  I hope to continue the story at some point because I really enjoy WAR as a story telling medium, but as it stands I also am a gamer and I like to enjoy the games I play.

What will Thrangis The Red be used for?

Well, for those that stop by now and again, I have been frequenting Guild Wars 2 news and related media.  I hope to play the game and make a Thrangis The Red for that game as well.  I plan on making more stories for the games I play, because it’s fun for me and enjoyable for some.

There is, however, an alternate route I can take with Thrangis.  I won’t be able to provide the screenshots further, but the story is still here.  If no one minds, I can continue the story of Thrangis The Red without pictures.  I would prefer to keep the story going.

Thanks to all the viewers who have been keeping up with the story, you make it more fun to write! :D

– B

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  1. Laerfric

     /  August 22, 2010

    As long as you keep the blog open, do whatever you feel you will enjoy best!

    • yeah, It saddens me a little that WAR is heading where it is. I really hope it turns around for the best!


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