Guild Wars 2 – Game Play Video Roundup

As some already know, Gamescom has been popping with GW2 activity over the last few days.  Having previewed some of the basic mechanics through the videos; map function, npc interaction, event system, combat, and movement to name a few.  Also, the Necromancer class has been confirmed but not yet posted on the main site.

+ This is the first unofficial video that came out.  Showing some of the Charr (level 47) gameplay.  It looks like you’re in the Dragonbrand, manning (or charring) a Charr outpost/fortress thingy.  Inclusion of the “everyone can res/revive” function as well as the map warp function.

+ A no audio example of interaction with an NPC.  I wish I could read what the conversation was about, but I can’t squint that well.  However, this video does provide a glance at the Character Info window as well as the Quest Log window.  A look around Divinity’s Reach. You’ll also get to see some more of their very interactive map.

+ Some Necromancer footage.

+ Elementalist in a group setting.  Some discussion about the unique “mode” Necromancer’s can switch into.  Also, a look at the climactic Dynamic Events system.

+ The first cinematic for Guild Wars 2.  Elementalist point of view.

+ Bonus: Behind the scenes of the creation of the intro cinematic.

+ Elementalist in the starting Human area.

+ A look at the Character Creation.  The paw icon is the Ranger class, I’m assuming.

+ Boss fight, The Shatterer.  Quality is low and the background noise is…noisy.  However, you get a glimpse of a larger scale fight and the “downed state” abilities. :)

[Update 8/18/10 5:48 pm PST] – Found some more videos from the Guild Wars 2 Guru forums.  There were several other videos I didn’t include because I didn’t feel they provided anything further than what was already shown.

Well that’s all I could muster up for the time being.  If you happen to find any other videos go ahead an email me a link and I will gladly post it here, with much appreciation.

– B

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