Burn Away Lies

Thrangis: Who might you be?

Witch Hunter: That is none of your concern dwarf.  You must come with me.

Thrangis: I don’t have time for this, I need to be headin’ to the docks.

Witch Hunter: The docks you say?  My, this does place you in a peculiar situation.  Exiting the property of suspected heretical practitioners and already making for the docks.  To escape the fiery retribution of Sigmar no doubt!

Thrangis: Escape the… what are you blatherin’ on about!

Witch Hunter: Listen here dwarf!  I’ve seen the effects chaos has on the simple and defenseless.  If you think I’ll be fooled into letting potential traces of this taint escape my clutches, you are mistaken.

Thrangis: Put that thing away before you singe me beard!  You daft manling!  I ain’t got nothin’ to do with none of this chaos business.

Witch Hunter: We shall see.  I will have an inspection inside this premise, if I find anything of intrigue then we’ll certainly have something to discuss.

Thrangis: Bu… I just… You don’t want to go in there.  There’s nothin’ worth seein’.  I was just looking for some –

Witch Hunter: Silence!  Wait here.

Thrangis: What should I do?!  He’s going to find the demons and then we’ll be burned as witches.

Cornelius: We can’t run off.  We’ll have more than just this individual to deal with if we do. Be ready to dispatch him if it comes to that.

Thrangis: Kill him? Are you mad?

Cornelius: Shh, he’s coming back.

Thrangis: Of all the chuffin’ luck!  I should have just picked up another pint!

Witch Hunter: …

Thrangis: Look, I was just –

Witch Hunter: It is not my responsibility to apprehend thieves.  Though, why you would want to steal from such a dirty and impoverished home is beyond me.  I see no workings of heresy, nor signs of chaos in this area.  If I had been a knight, you’d be seeing the inside of a cell right now.  Good bye dwarf, pray our paths do not cross again.

Thrangis: What is Grungni’s name is going on?

Cornelius: Perhaps that aura you gave off earlier had something to do with it.

Thrangis: I’m startin’ to get a headache.  Let’s just get to the docks, I have no more cares for this.  I need to get out of this deranged city o’ men.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith –

"Listen here dwarf!"

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