Daughters of Passion

Thrangis: Most o’ these homes are either locked are collapsing upon themselves.

Cornelius: The bright wizards were courteous enough to warn the local residents of the dangers in abiding so close to the Academy.  Alas, the power hungry fools are too intoxicated by the red wind to notice they can hardly control their own abilities.  The remnants you see before you is the result of those who… overindulged in their pursuits.  I’m curious how many wizards it took to remodel this area.

Thrangis: …Grungni’s spit.  I knew these manlings were nothin’ but fools and madmen!  Me ancestors were right to have so much distaste for the winds o’ magic.  It’s a blight upon the fools who dabble in it.

Cornelius: Are you not trying to find a particular dwarf who dabbles in these ‘blights’?

Thrangis: I… uh… I… I got me own reasons!  You know that!

Cornelius: Quite.  The winds of magic are not at fault here, but rather the simpletons who wield it recklessly.

Thrangis: Kind o’ like a greenskin messin’ around with some dwarven powder.

Cornelius: Something like that.  Let’s check another door Thrangis.

Thrangis: Aye, maybe someone will speak up about these missin’ shipments.

Fancy Lady: Mmm, hi there love.  Care for a’ evening unda tha sheets?

Thrangis: Err… I must be in the wrong place.  I apologize for the intrusion mis’, I am tryin’ to find some cargo that was stolen recently.  You wouldn’t happen to ‘ave seen anythin’ relating to that would you?

Fancy Lady: … I actually saw sum questionabl’ people bringin’ in sum questionabl’ crates to  this very buildin’.

Thrangis: Really?!  You sure this is the cargo I’m lookin’ for?

Fancy Lady:  Mor’ than likely love.  These were big crates.  If’n you follow me I can take ya to ’em.  How’s that sound to ya?

Thrangis: That would be… that would be great.

Fancy Lady: Right this way love.

Thrangis:  I don’ like this.

Cornelius: The winds grow dark here.

Fancy Lady: You say sumthin love?

Thrangis: Just a heavy breather, you know us dwarves… heheh…

Fancy Lady: Mmm, yes.  It’s been a long time since we’ve had the pleasure of a dwarf here.  Usually your kind stays out of the slums.

Thrangis:  We?

Fancy Lady: Ah here we are, the crates you were looking for yes?

Thrangis: Why is you accent gone?

Fancy Lady: Oh my, I seem to have gotten eager in our short stroll.  Never mind the change now, young beardling, this will all be over before I find time to explain.  Come sisters!

Thrangis: Ancestors take me!

Cornelius: Abominations!  They must be dealt with.  Sigmar knows what other vile incarnations of Slaanesh linger beneath us.

Demon: He has a magic book!  Let us take it from him once we have our way with his body!

Thrangis: You depraved wretches!  This is your end.  Grungni give me strength to fell these miserable creatures!

Fancy Lady (Demon):  Aghhhhh!  What manner of magic is this!  It burns, burns, burns down to my very being!  Stop!  AGHHHH!!!

Cornelius: What are you doing Thrangis?

Thrangis: Och, I don’t know.  By Grungni’s beard I don’t know!

Cornelius: Well keep it up!  Finish them now!

Thrangis: Right! Graaaagh!

Demon: You will not escape us.  We know of you and your destination young dwarf.  We will… come for you.  Our maker… watches you…. even… knowww…..uhhhhh…

Thrangis: What do we do know?

Cornelius: Let us be done with this search for the cargo.  A reduced fair is not worth the potential threats that may lurk in the rest of this city.  To think that Altdorf has been tainted so…

Thrangis: I agree with ya there.  Let’s be off.

Witch Hunter: What have we here?  A dwarf leaving the establishment of suspected heretics?  Very interesting.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith –

Grungni give me strength!

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