A Heroic Pint

Thrangis: None o’ these manlings knows when the next boat leaves for Barak Varr.

Cornelius: Perhaps your chances of success will increase if you find one who is not so inebriated.

Thrangis: Maybe there’s another pub somewh….  By the bloody axes of Grimnir!  That’s Gotrek Gurnisson!

Gotrek: What a grand occassion.  Fancy meeting another dwarf in such a place.  I have been starved of good dwarven company!  What brings you here beardling?

Thrangis: I have a journey to complete, but this is my first time in Altdorf an’ I need to know when the next boat leaves for Barak Varr.

Gotrek: Count your blessings beardling, the next boat departs in only a days time.  Seems they’re trying to finalize their manifest before heading off.  They’ve been running into a bit of trouble though; bands of thieves and rebels against the empire took off with some of their goods. They are trying to round them up before they have to depart, but finding them is proving to be difficult.

Thrangis: Hmm… You sure are well informed.

Gotrek: Well who do you think they asked to try to retrieve their property?  I have bigger things to deal with right now, but you should take a look around the slums.  If you manage to come across any of the missing cargo, the captain of the ship may reduce of the price of your voyage.

Thrangis: Aye, sound advice.  I got a days time to wait anyway, might as well.  Couldn’t hurt to save a few pieces of silver.  Who knows ‘ow long the road I’m on is goin’ to be.

Gotrek: That’s the spirit!  Let me buy you a drink before you go.  By the way, what’s your name again?

Thrangis: Thrangis of the Hammersmith Klan.

Gotrek: Ah, I’ve known a few of the Hammersmiths.  Ran across a slayer named Gibinlun in one of my travels.  He was felling a great den of trolls.

Thrangis: Och, Gibinlun’s a slayer now?  I pray he regains his honor in battle.

Gotrek: Aye, the prayer of any slayer.

Gotrek: Be wary when you wander about in the slums.  There’s more than poverty that grips at the heart of this city.

Thrangis: I’ll stay wary, my thanks for the drink.

Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

A great Dwarven hero!

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