Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Video

Some more in-game footage combined with a montage of the older skill demonstrations.  Enjoy!

*Side note, the dragon in the video is not one of the main dragons.  He is a dragon, named The Shatterer. He’s a special rank of dragon that terrorizes the Brand. You’ll see him in the demo too.

– B

p.s. – Just thought I’d include what other players will be experiencing come Gamescom and PAX:

“You’ll be able to play a human character starting at level 1, or a charr character starting at level 47. For your first demo I recommend you play as human. You’ll get to experience the personal, branching story we’ve been talking about; you’ll get to band together with other players to defend human villagers and push back marauding centaurs in a variety of events; you’ll get to experience the active combat system and cross-profession combos; and you’ll have a huge open world to explore. Then, once you’re an expert at the game, come back and try playing again as a high-level charr. You won’t see as much story playing as a charr (since we don’t want to spoil the story for you that far into the game) but instead you’ll have a wide variety of high-level skills to experiment with, and you’ll be able to participate in some truly epic battles.”

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  1. I am going to PAX. I can’t wait.


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