Fresh From the Sewer

Thrangis: Och, am I glad to finally be out o’ that place.  Can’t say this place smells good, but it’s definitely an improvement.

Ganbrig: Aye, Altdorf ‘as a foul stench of it’s own.  No filthy ratmen ta worry about though!

Cornelius: Yes, something much worse lurks through the streets of Altdorf.  Witch hunters.

Thrangis: I ‘eard a thing or two about that lot.  Never anything good to be said about a witch hunter.

Ganbrig: There ain’t no need o’ that.  All the witch hunters are busy chasin’ down their own citizens to worry ’bout the likes o’ you two.

Cornelius: Regardless, if you happen to cross the path of one I will be sure to keep myself quiet.  The last thing you want in your possession is an item of magical inquiry.  Even with the credibility of being a dwarf, heresy is easy enough to fabricate in these parts.

Thrangis: I ain’t to certain about that credibility any more.

Ganbrig: What you mean by that?

Thrangis: Oh nothin’, nothin’ at all.

Ganbrig: Anyway, I’ll be off.  I need ta report to tha High King ‘mediately.  I mus’ inform him of what ‘appened in the sewers.  He was the one that sent us down ther’ after all.

Thrangis: High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer is here?

Ganbrig: Aye, he’s been in the council o’ the manling King, Karl Franz.  They been workin’ up tha best ways ta crush tha greenskins.

Thrangis: So the manlings are startin’ to have some trouble with them to?

Ganbrig: Fresh ‘Waaagh’ bands are growin’ up in some o’ the corners o’ the Empire. It’s a blessin’ the Oathbearers are ‘ere to put ’em under their boots.

Thrangis: Aye, a blessing like no other.  Take care my friend and may Grungni watch over you!

Ganbrig: May Valaya guard ye’ in yer darkest hour!

Thrangis: Where to now?

Cornelius: I suggest we find our way to the dock and determine when the next boat leaves for Barak Varr.  You should find a deckhand.

Thrangis: I don’t know where to find that sort, but I could use a stiff ale to drive back this stink.  Maybe we’ll find someone with somethin’ for us there.

Thrangis:  This looks promising.

Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

But first the pint.

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