The Sounds of Tyria

An update at the ArenaNet blog has provided some great samples of in game ambiance.  You’ll have to listen to the background of the narrator as he takes you on a brisk stroll through Divinity’s Reach.  Here are some nifty snippets from the Blog.

“We’ve learned through experience that text bubbles fail miserably without audio.”

“We’re voicing the equivalent of more than 60 feature-length films”

Also, it appears they’re doing out with the “ye olde english” format.  Given that Tyria has aged 250 years since Guild Wars, ANet felt that culturally people would change their speech mannerisms.  While I know I don’t speak for the rest of the gaming community, I feel that making dialect from a fantasy genre increasingly “modern” can be harmful to a role playing environment.  Since they are trying to re-establish the “RPG” in MMORPG, this may or may not kill some moods.

Since we’re on the topic of voices, I would like to point out that I am not too impressed with the semi-American voice overs for the characters in the skill previews.  Certain phrases like “That had to hurt”, “Let’s do this”, “Oh yeah, I’m on a roll”, and “There’s one to remember me by” give off a very cheesy feel while using skills and abilities.  Some of the phrases fit well, but maybe they should re-address certain phrasology for some of the personalities you can choose from.

– B

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