Back the way we came

Thrangis: By the forked beard of Grungni!  This be the wrong path!

Cornelius: I suggest we redirect our course towards Ganbrig.

Thrangis: Aye… What do… you think… I’m trying to do!

Cornelius: Keep your breathing up Thrangis.  I don’t want to fall into the hands of these skaven.

Thrangis: Who’d of thought… hu  hu… Ganbrig be tellin’ the truth… hu hu… about these troll rats!

Cornelius: Take a right up here.  Soon we’ll be coming to the route Ganbrig took.

Thrangis: Did ya let him… hu hu… know we are headin’ his way? hu hu…

Cornelius: Yes, he has been informed… Thrangis!

Thrangis: Och!  Bloody chuffin’ spears!  Almost ‘ad me head on a pike. How close are they?  I don’t like being chased!!

Cornelius: Breathe Thrangis!

Thrangis: Hu hu!

Ganbrig: Quick, in ‘ere!  I got tha tunnel rigged!

Thrangis: Hu hu!

Thrangis: You never told me you were carrying explosives… hu… hu…

Ganbrig: Ehahah!  Ya neva’ asked…

Thrangis: Och!  I shouldn’t hafta… if I ‘ad some of those it’d be the first thing I’d brag to you about… hu…

Ganbrig: Oh well, wit tha tunnel closed up there’s no need ta worry.  We’ll make some good distance ‘afore they can work their way around.

Cornelius: We really should take advantage of the moment.

Thrangis: Give me a chuffin’ moment to… hu… catch me breath… you bloody book…

Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Och! Time to turn around!

Och! Time to turn around!

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