A Bit of Blockage

Thrangis: An’ that’s how it happened.

Ganbrig: By the sons o’ Grungni!  You ‘ave got yerself one chuffin’ grand adventer’!

Thrangis: Feels like more of a ‘eadache.

Ganbrig: Aye, be one o’ those too. Hahaha.  I’ll be sure ta share o’ yer travels with me kin when we get out o’ ‘ere.

Thrangis: Speakin’ of, looks like we’ve walked ourselves into a corner.

Cornelius:  Well it appears there has been some remodeling.  We can thank our skaven residents for this no doubt.  You’ll need to find another way around Thrangis.

Ganbrig: There be two paths, so we’ll ‘ave to split up.  How will we let the other one know if’n we found anythin’?

Thrangis: Hmm.  Here, take one of Cornelius’ pages.  Just mark it if ya find anythin’ of interest.

Cornelius: Please refrain from doing that again.

Ganbrig: Aye, will do.  I’ll take the right path.  You can ‘ave the other.  Wait, ‘ow will I know if you are ta one who done found somethin’?

Thrangis: I’ll have him right it on your page.  You can do that right Cornelius?

Cornelius: I do wish you wouldn’t assume what I am capable of.  However, that is within the scope of my abilities.

Thrangis: Well there ya go.  Be safe Ganbrig.

Ganbrig: Aye, I’ll let ya know if I find anythin’.

Thrangis: You’ve been ‘earing it too right?

Cornelius: Yes, I have sensed it for some time now.  Be cautious.

Thrangis: Och, I hope Ganbrig’s end is clear.

Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

I can already here the scurrying up ahead.

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  1. Laerfric

     /  July 30, 2010

    Hey, you don’t seem to get a wholelot of comments, so allow meto say that I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Love T’s Odyssey, it is very refreshing!

    What do you think about the upcoming 6v6 scenario Eternal Citadel? Also, will you get around to making a guide around its release?

    • I’m looking forward to it. It’s going to be a great change from the traditional 12v12 SC’s. I probably won’t be making a guide for it right away, seeing as my server is doing poorly with scenario activity (especially right now with the PTR). However, I do plan on addressing it once I get some play time with Eternal Citadel.

      And thanks for the comment! I do enjoy reading them. :)


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