Guild Wars 2 – Getting Classy

Eight classes are in the works for the sequel to Guild Wars.  So far they’ve given us some nice info and media involved with three of them.  The fourth is set to be revealed before the event at Gamescom and PAX.

The Elementalist covers your desires to wield the four base flavors of magic: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Your typical caster based arsenal comes into a unique play style here; using your choice of Scepter, Staff, Dagger, or Focus (offhand only).  These instruments open up a variety of spell types and effects when paired with whatever elemental attunement you happen to be drawing power from.

Now, I’ve only ever played a caster once before.  So, my experiences with them are very limited.  On top of this I have never played the first Guild Wars, leaving me unfamiliar with this class as a whole.  However, from the media provided about Elementalists, as well as the detail on certain mechanics by ArenaNet, this is looking to be a rather fun class to jump into.  If you like that whole magic business.

The Warrior, if you need someone to take the hits or play the heavy armored slaughterhouse this is your guy/gal. Sporting the largest selection of weaponry of the three classes so far, the Warrior opens a wide variety of play styles to the user.  Fancy hefty two-handed weaponry?  Maybe dual wield is more your style?  Traditional sword and board is there to keep you safe!  What about a rifle/bow?  A ranged warrior?  Interesting… Can’t wait!

Instantly I’m smitten.  I’ve always loved the warrior/tank role of the game.  Though I usually go sword and board, since I love party affection, I will be intrigued to try them all.  For those of you would want more of a “master at arms” feel to the class, they’ve implemented a Weapon Master trait you can equip.  This trait allows for quick swapping between two sets of weapons without incurring the wrath of the Global Cooldown.

The Ranger is your beloved man-beast union through all perils.  Greatest thing is, if you are worried about your land based companion getting wet during any water based adventuring worry no longer.  Rangers can now tame aquatic animals.  Fancy swimming with the sharks? Don’t worry, as long as you feed him he won’t bite.  Also, you will be able to have three pets with you, only one out at a time of course.

While looking over various message boards and interviews I notice players were wanting to know if they could play the class without a pet.  I know that pets and pet control are not always the forte of many players, but those same players really enjoy ranged based classes.  ArenaNet responded with the hard truth, “Rangers must use their pets to achieve maximum effectiveness. A ranger could choose to mostly ignore his pet and leave it on ‘auto-pilot’ so to speak and still be very effective, but a ranger who doesn’t even have a pet out will be a good deal less effective than one who does.”

I’ll be posting more “new” information as I come across it.  :)

– B

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