A Muenster in the Dark

Thrangis: Och!  You sure this was the right turn?

Cornelius: Yes, I am positive we are going the right way.

Thrangis: I don’t know, that passageway we came across ‘ad an Altdorf feel to it.

Cornelius: This is the correct path.  We simply follow the flow of this… questionable substance that appears to be leaking from the city.

Thrangis: Aye, it will take me a good long soak before I can get this stink out o’ my beard.  What’s that?  A beardling?!

Cornelius: I do believe it is.  Curious that he happens to be all the way down here.

Thrangis: Oathfriend!  Oi, what you doin’ down ‘ere?

Oathfriend: …ugh?  Who be ther’?

Cornelius: I will add him to the records at your convenience.

Thrangis: Oh yes, thank you Cornelius.  I am Thrangis o’ the Hammersmith Klan.  Who might you be and how’d you get down ‘ere?

Ganbrig: Name’s Ganbrig, o’ the Oathpowder Klan.  I got sep’rated from me band an’ now I’m waitin’ ta die.  What ‘er you doin’ down ‘ere?

Thrangis: I’m on my way to Altdorf.  I need to use the docks.  Why wait to die?  Find somethin’ to finish you off in a bout o’ glory.

Ganbrig: I been tryin’, but those snivlin’ bastards!!! They jus’ stuck me an’ ran off inta the shadows…

Thrangis: Och, that’s a right nasty wound.  I think I got somethin’ to take the edge of o’ that. Here, put some of this on it and wrap it up good.

Ganbrig: Blessin’s o’ Grungni upon ye an’ yer kin.

Thrangis: Now, what snivlin’ bastards did this to you?

Ganbrig: It was rats…

Thrangis: Rats??

Ganbrig: Not jus’ any rats mind ya, but rats the size o’ manlings!

Thrangis: They’re a sneaky lot.  They’ve claimed the sewers ‘ave they?

Ganbrig: They been up ta no goods down ‘ere in these depths.  Breedin’ up somethin’ big and foul.

Thrangis: …What are we talkin’ about ‘ere?  How big?

Ganbrig: Rats the size o’ trolls…

Thrangis: Ahahaha… Perhaps they played a trick on you an’ yours and got you all caught off guard.  Those vermin can be clever like that.

Ganbrig: It was no trick ya young beardlin’!  An’ I ain’t gonna be put up ta be no tale teller. I won’t be one ta wish that thing down upon yer ‘ead, but me gut is tellin’ me that thing is still roamin’ around.

Thrangis:  Well I’ll be glad for your company all the same friend.  For now let’s be on our way. My friend Cornelius says we should keep followin’ this sludge an’ we’ll get to Altdorf.

Ganbrig: Aye, sounds good.  Who be Cornelius?

Cornelius: I am Cornelius.

Ganbrig: By Grungni’s spit!  Yer book be talkin’ friend.

Thrangis: Aye, I’ll explain along the way.

Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Ahaha! Rats the size o' trolls he says!

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