The Source of the Stench

Thrangis: Och, what a stink!

Cornelius: Yes, I am quite grateful to not have any senses.  You did very well locating the entrance leading into this place.  I was sure those nasty little squigs were going to tear you apart.

Thrangis: You didn’t say anythin’ about any squigs ‘afore all of this.  Nothin’ was said about the entrance bein’ covered to the brim in muck either.  But aye, I won’t be fallin’ to no squigs.  What is this place?

Cornelius: You are currently in one of the many tunnels of the Altdorf sewers.

Thrangis: All the way out ‘ere?

Cornelius: Yes, these tunnels were to double as an escape route for certain… delegates and officials of the city of Altdorf.  Hanz Reinhold commissioned these sewers, he claimed it was for the health and well fare of the people.  Hah hah… what a joke.  They built a secret way into these sewers in the belly of the bank of Altdorf; if certain problems were to present themselves, these selfish bastards would be able to move quickly out of the city with most of their wealth in tact.  With not a care nor regard for the screaming masses left for slaughter above them…

Thrangis: I don’ care too much for any of that.  Wouldn’t expect any manling to stay and fight for what he’s got.  You sayin’ we’ll be coming up from the bank in Altdorf?

Cornelius: Hmm, not exactly.  That tunnel is well hidden somewhere along this path.  I doubt we will come upon it.  There is no need to fret however, this tunnel will lead us to the city all the same.

Thrangis: Good thing, I’d hate to be lookin’ for a secret hole in the wall.  If my cousin Orrak were ‘ere, I’d just ‘ave him blast open every wall that was suspect; he’s an engineer you know.

Cornelius: Most interesting.  If you would continue down this path, you should reach Altdorf in no more than two days time.

Thrangis: Right.  Well then, better get movin’.  Hey, you noticed all these candles and torches are lit up?  You know who or what’s down ‘ere?

Cornelius: I haven’t the slightest, but I doubt it will have any semblance of a friend.  Thrangis, maintain a modicum of awareness down here please, I would like to arrive in Altdorf with my binding still on.

Thrangis: I’m not too sure about those modercoms, but I’ll be sure to keep my wits about me. I don’t want to be losing me hide either.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

An' I thought it smelled bad on the outside!

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