The Scorched Remnants

Thrangis: Och… What a mess.  This whole area has been burnt to cinders.

Cornelius: Yes, the raiders have a very thorough tactic when it comes to mania and destruction.

Thrangis: ‘Ow come there’s not more knights of the Empire to protect this area?

Cornelius: I do believe they’ve been pulled back or pushed onward.  The Empire must see no victory to be held here.

Thrangis: You’d never see a dwarf retreat… Fight to the last we will.

Cornelius: Yes, I’m quite aware of your tenacity.  That’s why I had so much faith you’d come to my location.

Thrangis: How did you know that I’d come across ya?  An’ what did you mean before when you said you was waitin’ for me?

Cornelius: The stars never lie my friend.  As for the latter question, answers will come in due time.  For now, since you have your view established, let us continue on our path.  You need to get to Altdorf correct?

Thrangis: Aye, that I do.

Cornelius: Well, coincidentally I happen to know a most efficient route that will bypass much of the landscape.

Thrangis: Hmm, I’ve never heard a good thing ’bout takin’ any quick ways.  I don’t got a reason to say no though.  Faster I get to Altdorf the better.

Cornelius: I am pleased to see you with a degree of haste about your travel.  This will make my journey all the more swift.  As I was saying, continue down this path to the swamplands of Bitterschaum.  I will direct you more when we arrive.

Thrangis: ‘Old on just one second.  I need more to go off than that.  What will I be lookin’ for in this swamp?

Cornelius: The source of the swamps horrid stench.

Thrangis: Stench?  Och, you sure about this?

Cornelius: …

Thrangis: You ‘ere me?  ‘ey!  You still there?

Cornelius: …

Thrangis: …damn book… toss you to some squigs if I see any…

Cornelius: The swamp Thrangis.

Thrangis: Alright, by Grungni’s backside! I’m going.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Them raider bastards burnt up everything!

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  1. Cake, indeed.


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