Journal of “The Red”

I discovered a curious book in the recesses of this tower.  There was a door behind a mound o’ boxes and boards, I almost didn’t notice it but somethin’ drew my attention.  Once I shoved the junk aside and worked open the latch I entered into a small space.  Upon the only table was the book; wrapped in fine leather and braced with a firm spine.  There were no other books nor papers near it and I found it without a spec o’ dust, though the table it lay upon was dirtier than the beard of a gromril miner. The strangest thing about this book was the title: Journal of “The Red”.  When I was young I was given a nickname to coincide with the fiery color of my beard, that name bein’ “The Red”.  A strange eagerness came over me and I began flippin’ through the pages of this journal in search of some explanation.  Nothing but blank pages…

Thrangis: By Grungni, this be the strangest packet o’ papers I ever set me gaze upon.  Och!  It’s writin’ me words down!  What in Grungni’s name be goin’ on here?!

Journal: I’m simply chronicling our first encounter.  Would you rather I didn’t record this moment?

Thrangis: Snivelin’ Gits!

Journal: Please be careful with me, I may be of fine craft but I can take a beating the same as you.

Thrangis: …

Journal: Pick me up!

Thrangis: Ok, you don’t seem to be some kind o’ magi’s foul trickery.  But you don’t look like any elven tome I’ve ever seen.  An’ I’d know you for a dwarven book before I even picked you up.

Journal: That’s because I’m not like any other book that exists.  I will make accurate records of all your travels.  In fact, I’ve been waiting for you to come for some time now.

Thrangis: Do I really need to take you with me?

Journal: You’d leave a defenseless journal alone?

Thrangis: How’d you know that I’d find you?

Journal: Intuition and the scent on the wind my stout fellow.

Thrangis: It has been some time since I ‘ad a good soak.  Alright, I’ll bring ya with me.  I’m startin’ to run out of room in me journal anyway.  But since you can talk, you’ll need a name.

Cornelius: You may refer to me as Cornelius.  I find it to be a most fitting name in my current situation.

Thrangis: How’s that?

Cornelius: I’m a cornucopia of knowledge.

Thrangis: Well alright then, Cornelius it is.  I’m Thrangis of the Hammersmith Klan.

Cornelius: Yes, I know.  As I said, I’ve been waiting for you.

Thrangis: Anyway, I’ve still got to scout out the top o’ this tower.  I’ll just pack you away nice and safe.

Cornelius: Thank you.  I’m sure we’ll have fond memories together.

Thrangis: Can you breathe alright in there?

Cornelius: I’m a book, I don’t breathe.

Thrangis: Oh, right…

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

All the pages are blank...

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