Not… Another… Step…

I don’t know ‘ow much more I can take.  What floor I’m on, I don’t even know.  The front door was left wide open, there wasn’t a soul inside.  Nothin’ but stairs, stairs, and more stairs.  I feel like I’m almost at the top, but I can’t bloody well tell.  I have to rest for the time bein’, I may keel over…

My break is charmin’.  I ‘aven’t had a chance to smoke up me pipe in some time.  Either it’s been too wet, windy, or a horrible mixture of both.  This’ll give me some time to think ’bout what may be stayin’ in this tower.  Strange that the raiders would leave it be and yet burn everything else to the ground.  I don’t like it, not one bit.

I reckon maybe something lives in here that even the raiders don’t want to mess with.  Maybe that’s what’s got this place lookin’ so nice with its lit lanterns and swept floors.  Haven’t ‘eard sound nor step of anything yet though.  Och, by Grungni, whatever is hidin’ in the shadows better jump out at me already.  I’m sick of this feeling!

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Somethin' to calm me nerves.

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