The Flames Get Higher

I’m startin’ to wonder how long all these fires ‘ave been ablaze.  I haven’t seen sign of nothin’ an’ nobody all this time, yet I find more and more of these buildings burnin’.  The river that runs through this land runs rank with stench, bloated corpses ferry themselves downriver or dock against a low tree limb.  Those damn soldiers in High Pass could do a greater good ‘ere than hold’n up in that tavern o’ theirs.

I thought I heard the cry of a wild boar time and again, still I have yet to come across any living thing.  Maybe all the raiders already came through here or maybe their waitin’ for me up ahead.  I’m startin’ to hate this damned area.

There was a large tower silhouette in the distance an’ that’s where I decided to head.  It happened to be the only thing not on fire and I’ll be able to see what lies farther along the trail once I climb it.  Only thing that worries me is that it’s the only building not on fire…

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

You wouldn't see a dwarven building tilt like that...

[Side note]: I’d like to apologize for the delayed update.  It’s been a rather scorching week so far and having no AC is really taking its toll on my “daytime” (sleeping with a fan on me).  Thankfully the temperature is dropping this weekend and I won’t be so inclined to forgo any computer activity during the day. Expect the updates to continue on schedule and on time. :D

– B

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