The Smoke Clears

Those manlings mus’ think themselves a humorous sort.  Talk of raids that may or may not be this end o’ the mountain.  I could smell smoke from fires burning in the valley below.  I’ll be movin’ forward from now on with a keen eye on me surroundin’.

The closer I get to the bottom o’ this mountain all I can see is thick blankets of smoke in the air.  I can’t ‘ear a thing ‘cept for the roaring of fires.  Nothing is stirring and I don’t like it.

I made it through the smoke, seems most of it collects near the base o’ the mountain.  The air gets clearer and I become more troubled.  The sights before me unsettle my nerves for the time bein’, but I ‘ave no other path to take.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

Just need to... follow the road... yeah.

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