Descending from High Pass

These damn manlings don’t know nothin’.  They ‘ave no idea how to get to Kadrin Valley from ‘ere.  Most of ’em say this be their first time out of the academy in Altdorf.  They mentioned somethin’ ’bout a dock there that has regular voyages south into the dwarven country, but that was it.  I gathered my few supplies together, refilled my rations with what the men here ‘ad to spare, and set out for Altdorf.  They said it was a weeks travel to get to Altdorf followin’ the path, perhaps more if there were any raids from Chaos warbands along the way.  With a deep breath and a spit of my frustration on the snow, I set back out into the frozen wastes.  I’m just a little upset I ‘ave no more Bugman’s to bring with me…


Not long into my walk, I began to think about the book that my brother ‘ad left me.  I’d take it out now and again, flip through some of the pages and wonder what my brother ‘ad been lookin’ into.  Runesmiths were an interestin’ lot.  I ‘ad always been curious ’bout runes and the powers they ‘eld.  Only reason I became an Ironbreaker was because of Thanres an’ the fact that the Hammersmith clan frowned upon any sorts o’ magic, runes or not.  But, a runesmith who’s doin’ research on all sorts o’ magic might ‘ave found a way to battle the influence of Chaos.  A defense like that would be a blessin’ from Valaya.

Speakin’ of me brother, Thanres ‘ad always been the sort that was called off to strange things.  Even when we were beardlings he was off in secret meetings with the Hammersmith elders, discussin’ only Grungni knows what.  If I ever get a chance to run into him again, I’ll make sure to get some answers out o’ him about this book of his!

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

At least I 'ave a road this time!

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