Warhammer: Age o’ Reconstruction

I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed Warhammer these last few months.  The direction that Mythic is taking with the game is definitely positive.  But, it still has more remodeling to do in order to maintain itself in the face of upcoming MMO’s.

I often find myself patrolling the WAR forums to see what people are saying.  I like to look at the Dev Roundtable, in the suggestion section, and see what players think will help make the game better.  Usually you’ll find some odd requests and suggestions, but not always.  :)

The general idea that I’ve seen present itself is a definite focus on T4 oRvR, if not all oRvR.  Such ideas as: better rewards for defending a zone from flipping, easier/harder to get to Altdorf and Inevitable City, bigger/smaller oRvR zones, active additions/changes to make oRvR zones fresh and interesting, etc.

The players want the game to thrive, obviously.  They want the game to keep them playing.  It’s all up to whether or not Mythic has something in the workshop, which I hope they do.

But, I’m up right now and it’s 3:14 am on a Wednesday morning, playing WAR to my enjoyment with my brother.  I hope that Mythic truly gets that the players want to play their game.

– Thrangis “The Red”

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  1. I enjoy my War time, it’s in a good place and it’s a real shame not more people are enjoying it. There are always improvements, but that’s the nature of an MMO.

    • I don’t know the situation you are in, but I’ve been playing WAR pretty much since launch and for me the game isn’t in a good place. I think I was I’m simply tired of doing the same old day in day out for more than two years. Sure the game might be perfectly playable, but there are better games to spend my time on.

      I think the general feeling is that Mythic has been given more than enough time to get their game in shape. But they failed and I’m afraid to see what happens when a couple of newer PvP MMOs come out. I certainly don’t have enough patience anymore to actively keep playing the WAR. If you do, good on you, enjoy it. Me, I’m just going to keep a critical eye on it and rejoice when the game makes a miracilous comeback or lament its unfortunate death.

      • Oh lol, came over this post from my dashboard, thought it was new. I really should learn to check post dates before commenting. Sorry for trolling. :x

      • lol, I was wondering if I had posted some new WAR information in my sleep per chance. xD

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