A pint of direction

I stayed put for a few days, to regather my strength from the long nights in the wild.  The ale here wasn’t so hard to swallow, even if it was of manling brewin’.  Luckily I still had a ‘andsome amount of Bugman’s to really hit the spot.  At the end of the week I could not believe my eyes.  My dear brother Thanres happened upon this distant pub!  I could not help but bellow his name and charge to his company.  It ‘ad been about fifteen years since our last meetin’.

We quickly reminisced old family stories and shared new tales from our travels.  I wasn’t quite sure if I should tell him about what had happen to me during my encounter with the Magus in Ostland, but I knew he would ask me how I came to be in High Pass and I had no lie to offer a dwarf, especially my brother.

When it came time to rest for the day, I was glad he wasn’t too curious about my current situation.  Though, he didn’t appear all that bewildered as to me bein’ here.  Before we went to sleep, he looked me in the eye and I instantly felt the need to tell him everythin’.  So I did, yet he just grumbled somethin’ to himself and went to sleep.  I ‘ad no idea what to think.  I felt like a dwarf who failed to uphold his oath.

Come the next day, all there was left from my brother was a small book.  Inside were his writings about a certain rune smith.  One who dabbled particularly in defensive runes that barred the flow of various types of magic.  I had to find this dwarf.  Perhaps he could help me.  There might be a way to fight the winds of Chaos and their influence over me. The book held nothing for me to go off of except for a map of Kadrin Valley.

– Thrangis “The Red” Hammersmith

A gut warming brew

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